Religion in the Realms

29 - Faerûnian Pantheon: Auril

September 19, 2020

This is the twenty-second episode in a series about the Faerûnian Pantheon. Auril is the goddess of winter in this pantheon. Auril and her faith aim to keep the threat of cold and an icy death fresh in the minds of people.

1:09 Titles
1:33 Portfolio & Domains
1:46 Appearance & Manifestations
4:53 Abilities
6:03 Personal History
10:21 Personality
11:27 Personal Realms
17:49 Allies & Allegiances
18:53 Enemies
19:24 Avatar & Deity Stat Blocks
19:34 Symbols
20:05 Central Dogma
20:55 Presence of the Faith in the Realms
24:11 Hierarchy & Structure of the Clergy
25:35 Responsibilities & Duties of Followers
27:09 Orders & Priestly Bodies
29:05 Appearance & Dress
30:30 Rituals
35:06 General Locations of Worship
35:52 Specific & Known Locations of Worship
38:51 Character Options
42:01 DM Options

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